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About StretchOut Studios

StretchOut Studios, a provider of therapist-assisted stretching, is introducing a new modality in health and fitness to New England.

StretchOut Studios offers three different stretch therapy programs – Relaxation, Performance and Recovery. We tailor each stretch session to an individual’s goals and needs with a keen focus on helping our clients to enhance their athletic performance, recover quicker from injury or over-use and promote an amazing feeling of relaxation. StretchOut’s proprietary stretch protocols are based on its founder’s 20 years of experience with helping people increase mobility, relieve pain and improve overall health through hands-on, one-on-one stretching.

As people age, their bodies get stiffer; as athletes push themselves to perform better, they risk injury, and as people continue to spend more time at their desks and in front of their computers, their bodies deteriorate from a sedentary lifestyle. Stretch therapy is the answer!

Stop by our warm and friendly studio and meet one of our highly trained, certified and passionate therapists to see what it’s all about. And hear what our clients have to say – read our reviews on Facebook!